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Why Choose

Quiet Professionals?


Law-Enforcement Background:

With over a decade of experience with the Los Angeles Police Department, working in the notorious South Central Gang Unit, the amount of street knowledge and legal intellect is far beyond our predecessors. 


Military Background:

With prior service in the United States Military and multiple tours overseas during wartime engagements, The tactical knowledge and ability to remain calm during some of the most severe and strenuous situations, sets us apart from your average security company. 


With trained and certified medical personnel on staff, rest assured that all medical needs can and will be met within seconds, not minutes.


The QP team stands by a very specific code of ethics that is continuously upheld from employee to employee. We strive to succeed in nothing but perfection.


With continuous tactical training, we ensure that our skill sets stay advanced and up to par to handle any scenario that may be brought before us. We train to prepare for the worst with 100% sucess rate outcomes.

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