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About Us

Quiet Professionals
Founder and CEO

I am a military veteran who served my country proudly after the attacks on 9/11. After multiple deployments overseas during the Iraq invasion, I separated from the military and took my skills to California where I joined the Elite Los Angeles Police Department. Here I spent the next many years climbing up the ranks and working in a multitude of special operations groups.

I took my skills into the private sector, initially to help out a friend of mine, but what I quickly came to realize, was the lack of training and understanding that many of the security companies out there fell short on. The lack of knowledge left big gaps for potential risk to occur. Also, the security personnel that were representing clients did not meet the standards I would want for someone to secure me or my family.

So I established QP to address the needs and concerns for a more highly trained and proficient security professional to address the needs of today's security environment. Being that the majority of the QP team is made up of Law Enforcement and Military personnel, each member of the team is highly trained and more than capable of handling any situation that may arise and can be done with advanced precision and calmness. We control the scene and our environment to effectively problem solve and find solutions to engage specific threats. We accomplish this task all while being completely discreet and professional to the highest standards. 


With today's climate, it's unfortunate that security is a fundamental tool that is now necessary in areas we didn't always think would require it. But now more than ever, people are securing their assets, property, company and even themselves. 

The QP team strives to perform their duties to the highest standards and professionalism.

Contact us and let us know what services we can provide you with.

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